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The best potatoes all year round

Vineta - a classic choice for a beginner farmer

Vineta is an early potato variety. It has a light-yellow skin and flesh, its tubers are small to medium in size as is usual for early varieties. Vineta tubers are oval in shape and with shallow eyes, hence they peel comfortably and easily.

Vineta potatoes have an average amount of starch, thus result in a floury texture after boiling and do not hold shape very well. This makes it perfect for „cepelinai”, although the the trademark dish from Vineta potatoes is the potato puree. These potatoes also do not go grey after cooking.

Vineta is also appreciated by the potato farmers as it is not sensitive to the soil and the harvest is above average or even large. This makes Vineta a perfect variety for an ecologic potato farm. In addition, there is no need to worry about the surplus yield, as Vineta has one of the best storability among the varieties.

Jelly - for French fries

Jelly is a medium late to late potato variety, maturing from August to October. The skins of the tubers are yellow, the flesh is bright yellow in colour. The tubers themselves are medium to large in size, oval in shape, with shallow eyes. Jelly potatoes grow very uniform in size, thus making it perfect for packing and retailing at the supermarkets. Yield is normally larger than average, they are also suitable for storage.

Due to a larger amount of starch Jelly does not hold its shape after cooking, the flesh is fluffy and smooth, and therefore is perfect for frying. If you have ever tried chips, it was probably the Jelly variety that was used to prepare them. In addition, these potatoes are delicious when roasted and does not change its colour after cooking.

Colomba - potato which is suitable for everything

Colomba is an early potato variety. These potatoes are well-known across the world, as they grow very well in most climate zones. Colomba potatoes are distinguished by their yellow skin and flesh as well as round, slightly oval tubers. You can’t miss in the kitchen when using Colomba, as its unique taste and texture make it a rather universal potato variety. Both boiled or fried, Colomba will be an exceptional treat on your dinner table. When in doubt which type of potato to choose for the next culinary challenge Colomba is the safe way to go.

Laura - the queen of red potatoes

Laura is the queen of red-skinned potatoes. The red skin, deep yellow flesh and large, slightly oval tubers create a unique and exemplary look that is perfect for the shelves at shops or markets. However, it is not only good looks that Laura are valued for. These potatoes are also appreciated for their nutrition value and a medium early harvest (approx. 100 days after planting). If taken care of right, Laura potatoes will yield an enormous harvest, although the farmers should be a little selective with the soil. The best features of Laura, however, are revealed in the kitchen. It is impossible to miss by selecting this variety for your meals. Laura potatoes have just enough starch for everyone’s beloved „cepelinai”, but also enough flesh to hold its shape after boiling. They are also not prone to discolouration after cooking and therefore will look good in potato salads or with the cold beet soup. Like Jelly, Laura is an excellent choice for chips as well as in Lithuanian „kugelis” or potato pancakes.

Concordia - one of the most popular in Europe

Concordia is the variety, that has been voted one of the three most popular potato varieties in Europe in 2015. These medium early potatoes yield very large and exceptionally looking harvest. Concordia is an exemplary variety, as the tubers are oval, consistent in shape and size. The skin of the tubers is smooth and yellow, the flesh is also yellow. Concordia is mostly suitable for washing, packing and transportation, thus is often found in shops across the Europe.

Tornado - resistant to drought

Red skin, while flesh, early harvest - these are the features of the Tornado potato variety. This relatively new variety is distinguished by its long tubers, and yields a good harvest not only in Lithuanian climate, but also when it is hot and dry. The skin of Tornado is smooth but the eyes, although not dense, are deeper than those of some other varieties. The Tornado potatoes are the most delicious when roasted or fried as chips. However, they also maintain their shape when boiled or steamed, thus they will look great in soups or salads as well.

Catania - the earliest potato every year

Catania is a very early harvested potato variety. The skin of Catania is light brown, the flesh is white. As the tubers are relatively large and of elongated shape, the skin is comes off easily when peeled.

In order to grow well, Catania requires a homogeneous water supply. However, it is worth the effort, as it would be the first variety of the season to yield the harvest. Therefore, Catania is the potato to go for if the cold beet soup with fresh potatoes is a treat for you!